Because Potty Training has to happen.

TGIF! Any parents out there planning on potty training this weekend? I'm sure you've heard of all sorts of methods, and they all work differently for each child.

Here are a few that are tried and true and are definitely worth a deeper look:

1. Watch and Wait. This requires attention. A whole lot of attention. You watch your child VERY closely and wait for signs from them. Oftentimes they will give a signal that they need to go - a facial expression, a spot around the house, or maybe a certain time of day. This method is definitely less messy then some others.

2. Diaperless. Your little one transitions right into underwear. There is a hard cut-off. One day she is wearing diapers and the next she's wearing her new Doc McStuffins underwear. This works on kiddos who hate getting messy. After one or two accidents they understand that the feeling of having a mess in their underwear is much different than the feeling that a diaper has (there's much less absorption). You may also have a child that simply doesn't care about the mess. You should probably move on from this method if that is the case. Potty training shouldn't require new furniture!

3. Praises and Prizes. Each time your child successfully uses the potty, they are praised and rewarded. A high-five, big hug and "AMAZING!" are always great praises that any child loves. And the prizes can be super small rewards like stickers, trinkets from the Dollar Bin at Target, or dried cranberries (we know who you moms are!). For a whole day or week using the potty, maybe a trip to Grandmas, an ice cream dinner, or a movie night. Sticker charts tend to be very motivating as well.

4. Comfort is key. Make sure the potty isn't an intimidating experience - (falling into the potty can be pretty traumatizing). There are many different products that can make your little guy more comfortable while on the potty. Some offer a soft cushion, some offer a step stool so his little legs are not dangling off, and some are a whole separate potty. Our favorite (obviously) is a mom-invented product that actually sits under the toilet seat and offers your little one back support. It can be pushed forward or backward to adjust to any size toddler, and is one solid piece of plastic that can easily be cleaned!

These are just some methods, but there are many! Our biggest tips would be to have patience, be consistent, and know that they probably won't be graduating from high school in diapers. Though the process will most definitely test your patience, it will happen in due time. We promise.

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