About Us

At Baby Delight, moms, dads, and caregivers just like you design innovative juvenile products that help you bond, care, and connect with your new baby. With safety always top of mind, their products have been rigorously tested and trusted by parents for more than 20 years. They strive to make products that are loved rather than liked, and wanted just as much as they are needed for every household.

Over the years, we have grown and expanded, but one thing has always stayed the same: safety, mom, and baby are at the forefront of everything that we do. Most of us here at Baby Delight are parents, so we understand each and every aspect of the job. We know the ups. We know the downs. And we are very familiar with everything in between.

We do not only have the babies that will be using our products in mind. We are also thinking of you - the moms, the dads, the caregivers when designing new products.

Our products are safe and comfortable for your babies, but they are so much more than that as well.

They are asthethically pleasing because having a baby does not mean that your personal style needs to change.

They are crafted with removable fabrics to make washing frequently easy.

They are created to be used for all of your children, year after year. Because you deserve quality.

They are designed to be built with no tools required. Because being a new parent is hard enough, why include multiple bolts and screwdrivers into the mix as well.

Go With Me® was started for very similar reasons. A mom of five girls was tired of feeling frantic when going anywhere with all of her kids. She wanted a "perfect parking spot" for her little ones.

Whether it was at a soccer game, on the beach, or just at her neighbor's house having dinner, she needed something that was compact, easy to carry, and was safe for her kids to sit, stand, eat, play, or lounge in. With this in mind she created the first ever portable kids product and the Venture chair was born!

From there, the Go With Me® line has developed and evolved so that there is a product for any occasion or situation that you may find yourself in with your kids.

We strongly believe that becoming a parent does not mean that you need to stop going and doing the things that you love.

Instead, we want to empower parents by providing the equipment and products that will make it so that their kiddos can safely go with them.

They are compact. Because we understand that sometimes they need to be put away and not take up the whole closet. 

They fold easily and quickly. Because most of the time you’ll have a baby in your hands as well. 

They are durable and portable. Because being a parent doesn’t mean you have to stay home. 

We understand that parenthood is a journey. Each day is an adventure. Let us help make yours just a little bit easier.