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From light-weight travel bassinets to beside sleeper bassinets - our mission is to help you rest assured that your baby is content in their own cozy sleep space & that they are surrounded by breathable materials, so your whole family can get the sound sleep they deserve.

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The Strategist auther wrote, "Purchasers rave about the versatility of the Beside Me Dreamer bassinet, with many pointing to the “zip-up” side panels that help easily convert it into a “bedside sleeper.” Outlining the benefits of having these two “modes” in a single package, one parent writes: “In ‘bassinet mode,’ your little one is surrounded by breathable mesh walls that keep air circulating while providing her with her own private sleeping area … For ‘bedside sleeper’ mode, simply unzip the side panel closest to your bed and snug the Beside Me Dreamer right up to the side.” Another adds, “Very sturdy and convenient. Handling a newborn and getting up constantly is so overwhelming and tiring. This helps a lot right by the bed.” Another nice feature, as one purchaser describes, is the ability to “put one side up higher than the other so it is at a slight incline. This is so helpful for babies who suffer from reflux.”"

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