Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day approaches we’d like to step back and appreciate so many of the different mom-types we know and love.  Mom. It’s a simple 3-letter word yet encapsulates so much. A 3-letter word that categorizes millions of people that are so drastically different, yet all connected by one common thread: our children.

There’s the Playful Mom.  She is always full of smiles and laughter and tends to turn a chaotic situation into a positive playful one.  Stressful situations become lighthearted. Tears turn into giggles. She has the energy to play endless games and sing the same songs over and over, and then make up her own versions.  We appreciate your energy and enthusiasm as a friend, and as a fellow mom. Thank you for bringing extra joy to our days and to the life of your own little one.
There’s the Mom of Multiples. She balances the needs of the baby and the toddler, constantly trying to please them both. She sometimes has to make two meals (because the kids never seem to want the same thing), while entertaining each of them. She somehow manages to get each (or all) of them involved in fun activities - even if they may not last the full 45 minutes through the whole class. She acts as a referee more times a day than she cares to admit, but actually keeps everyone happy. And night time. That’s a whole other set of balancing. Juggling the needs of water, hugs, back rubs, books, more hugs, another drink, and a song. You. Are. A. Rockstar. Thank you for all you do and all you are. Because the siblings you created are a future generation - and you are doing all you can to raise them right!
There’s the Working Mom. Whether in her home office, or in her office 40 minutes away, the Working Mom always has all parts of her brain on and working overtime.  She wakes up early to feed her baby, and pack the diaper bag for daycare. Then rushes out the door. Even when she wakes up 30 minutes early – there’s always rushing.  Always. She manages to put in a 40+ hour work week filled with presentations, meetings, Excel documents, and reporting sales figures to her boss. But still spends every last minute that she can caring for her family.  She cooks. She cleans. She’s a great wife. She’s a great mom. And she deserves every pat on the back that she gets. You boost our economy while raising your very lucky baby. You are a role model and a Super Woman.
There’s the Mom Who is Juggling it All. She’s nursing the baby at all hours of the night.  Determined and dedicated to making it work no matter how difficult it is.  She makes her own decisions and nobody is going to tell her what will and won’t work.  Nobody. She is working on her fitness goals trying to train for the 10k she’s been wanting to do.  There’s no time like the present right? And she’s still keeping up her pre-baby obligations: volunteer work, chaperoning field trips for kiddo #1, and working her side business.  And there is still a part of her looking to do more. Maybe a cooking class? Possibly yoga? This mama just can’t be stopped. She’s strong both mentally and physically. Simply amazing.
There’s the New Mom.  She’s running on pure adrenaline, continuously second guessing her decisions.  She’s just getting home from the hospital and though her amazing partner is by her side she is still totally overwhelmed.  How much should the baby eat? Is the baby sleeping too much? Is she getting sick? It’s ok mama. You’re doing good. She is still in disbelief that she created this tiny life and actually brought her into the world.  She wants help, but at the same time she wants to do it all herself. She is coming to realize that she has so much love for this baby. More love than she could ever imagine. An infinite amount. So much love that it hurts.  Welcome to motherhood. It’s an emotional ride. A great ride. The best ride of your life.
The list of mom-types is truly never ending.  And we all fit into more than one category, which makes us all unique and amazing in our own mom ways.  The job of motherhood is unpredictable and every day brings new excitement (along with new challenges). But you know what?  We figure it out. You do. I do. We all do. And rest assured that those precious lives that your own life revolves around would agree that you are incredible.  Don’t ever forget that.
Happy Mother’s Day Moms

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