Dads of Daughters

After we had our second daughter we had so many people ask us: “Will you try for a boy?”. First of all – we weren’t even thinking about having another baby, never mind what gender we’d prefer. Our lives were full and our hearts were fuller.

After things settled down a bit, the comments starting getting to me. We had always said we wanted two kids, and we never talked about gender. Secretly I always wanted two girls – there’s this sisterly bond thing that I really wanted my girls to have. But regardless, we wanted two. I knew I did – but did my husband? I start thinking, does he want a boy? I know he loves his girls, but I feel like there is this stigma that dad’s want a little boy. So, I asked him.

I was a bit nervous as to what his response would be. To me, our little family of four was complete. Mom, Dad and two sweet little girls. But if he really wanted to have another and try for a boy I had decided that I would be ok with doing that. However, that was not his response. He told me that he wanted two, and his two little ladies were all he’d ever need. My heart immediately melted. We were on the same page.

Now if you knew my husband you’d probably understand why he kept getting the “boy” question. He is a man’s man. His burly beard, his love of football, his career in law enforcement – it’s all very stereotypical male. And his daughters couldn’t be more girly.

We were sure that one of the girls was going to be more of a tomboy. Boy were we wrong (see what I did there ?). These two little ladies are the epitome of girly. They wear dresses every day. They have tea parties and play dress-up. They carry around baby dolls. They love to accessorize with bows and fancy shoes (they often do not match). And they absolutely hate bugs. We even put one in soccer and she brought dresses with her to each game so she could change out of her “boy” uniform. Girly girls to the max.

I’m sure I’m not the only mom to see this, but these Dads of girls are pretty incredible. The man you knew prior to having daughters has only become more amazing. He plays tea party (with his pinky up of course). Wears the headbands and bows. Paints nails and kills bugs.

I can certainly speak for my own husband in saying he was made to be a girl dad. He is so patient and sweet with them. There is just something about a dad of daughters that is heart-melting. So if you have one of these incredible men at home – tell them. Tell them how appreciated they are. How much they are loved. And how great that bow looks in his hair. He deserves it.

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