6 Simple and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time for a parent and their little one. They get to dress up, collect some candy, and have adorable photos for years to come.

While Halloween is a blast, sometimes time can get away from you and you find yourself scrambling to find a costume for your kiddo at the last minute!

This can be so stressful, because you are expected to pull together enough money to afford a costume (and let’s be honest, Halloween costumes are super expensive for an outfit that will be worn once), as well as all the accessories like makeup, wigs, or teeth that go with it!

When this happens, you need a backup plan; a last-minute Halloween costume…

Well, don’t worry! We put together a list of 6 simple, and easy Halloween costumes that are perfect for the last minute.

1. Gumball Machine
For this super easy and simple Halloween costume, all you need is a white t-shirt, a sharpie, and some colored pom-poms. If you don’t have colored pom-poms on hand, don’t worry. You can find them at almost any department store for just a couple dollars!

To create a gumball machine Halloween costume just draw the outline of a gumball machine (a circle and a base) and then attach the colored pom-poms to the inside of the circle.

Voila! You have an adorable, cheap, and easy last-minute costume your kiddo will love.

2. Mummy
There are a couple different options that you can use to create a mummy costume. If you have a roll of bandage, that would be your best option as it is durable and the most “mummy-like.” If you just need to throw something together, use toilet paper!

If you do choose to use toilet paper, check the weather forecast to make sure the weather isn’t calling for rain. What a mess that would be!

Once you have decided what material you want to use, all you need is a white shirt (white pants will look cool if you have them, but they aren’t totally necessary if you wrap them up well enough) and some makeup to add to the “dead” look of the mummy. Some dark circles around the eyes, pale facial makeup, and “blood” will really pull together this look!

3. Ghost
Similar to a mummy costume, all you really need for a ghost costume is a white outfit and a couple accents to go with it. Some black felt, or even black construction paper would work perfectly for the eyes and mouth. Just cut out the shapes and attach to the shirt!

People often use a white sheet and cut holes for the eyes and mouth when recreating a ghost costume, however, this isn’t recommended. A costume that covers the face can cause vision to be limited which poses a risk of tripping or running into things.

4. Mario or Luigi
If you played video games as a kid, then you are most likely familiar with these plumber brothers. Mario and Luigi have been popular Halloween costumes for so many years, and the best part? The costume is super easy to recreate!

All you need for this Halloween costume is a green or red shirt, some blue overalls, a hat to match the shirt, and some paper details for the “M” or “L” on the hat and the mustache. For bonus points you can include some white gloves, but they definitely aren’t a necessity.

5. Pooh Bear
Who didn’t just adore Pooh-Bear and all his friends like Piggy, Eeyore, Tigger, and Christopher Robin as a kiddo? Well, guess what? You’re in luck, because a Pooh Bear Halloween costume is super simple and easy to recreate for a baby or toddler!

All you need is a yellow onesie, a red t shirt, and some black makeup for the nose. If you want to get even more into character feel free to add a yellow hat, ears, or yellow socks/booties. Your little one will be the cutest bear on the block!

6. An M&M
A chocolate candy in a colored shell, who doesn’t love this delicious candy? While an M&M makes a tasty treat, who says it can’t be a great Halloween costume too? If you are looking for an easy last-minute Halloween costume, an M&M would be perfect.

To recreate an M&M costume you need a plain, colored t-shirt, and an iron on “M,” or if you want to be simple you can just make an “M” out of paper! Some white gloves and white tennis shoes would also add that perfect amount of detail to this costume.

Just be careful that the other trick-or-treaters don’t mistake your little M&M for real candy!

When Halloween slips your mind or life just gets in the way, there’s no need to worry. Last-minute Halloween costumes are every bit as fun and cute as an elaborate one.

Good luck, and happy trick-or-treating!

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