Choosing the Best Bassinet For You and Your Baby

Choosing the right sleep space for your little one can be overwhelming. Especially because you haven’t even met her yet! You don’t know her personality or what she will prefer which makes it even trickier. This list will help you make the best decision about choosing the best bassinet for you AND your baby.

Bassinet or Crib?

A crib can grow with your child and be used for years, while a bassinet is designed specifically for 0-5 months. Many new parents want their baby close by during those first few months – whether it’s for their own peace of mind, or just for ease of access during the overnight hours. A bassinet is also much smaller so it’s ideal for fitting in the parent’s bedroom. Finally, the ability to move a bassinet from room to room is extremely convenient – and as a new parent, convenience is key!

Research is key.

This kind of goes along with all things baby related. Many expectant parents start doing research the moment they find out about their pregnancy, and that is totally normal and expected. I recommend taking one key item at a time and researching thoroughly. There are some great resources like Babylist or Baby Center that offer a lot of articles on everything baby – including the best bassinets. You can also check out reviews at major retailers since those come from parents just like you who have used and experienced the products.

Safety should always be at top of mind when it comes to reaching. One thing to pay close attention to is safety certifications. We recommend looking for ones with a seal from JPMA, a company who tests baby and children’s products. And just like crib safety, it’s recommended that there are no accessories included inside the bassinet (toys, blankets, etc.).

Bassinet vs. Bedside Sleeper

A bassinet is a bed designed to fully surround an infant. A bedside sleeper snugs up close to an adult bed and usually has a wall that folds down for easy access to baby. A bedside sleeper offers the ability to lean over and pick-up baby without having to get out of bed. Some parents find this convenient for night feedings or to sooth a fussy baby, while others prefer to keep the bassinet a few feet away from the adult bed.

In most cases, the Bedside Sleeper can also be used as a bassinet as long as the wall is secured back to the upright position. This makes in convenient because you can choose how you’d like to use it after you make the purchase. Versatility is key!

Mom laying in bed and looking over baby inside the charcoal bassinet

Accessories + Features.

Lights, sounds, motion, storage, etc. The options are endless! While it’s tough to determine what you’ll actually use before your baby comes, it’s great to have options. Some of the features that we found to be most useful include storage (since it’s recommended that nothing be stored inside the bassinet with your baby), and white noise. You may already have a separate white noise machine that can be transferred to the crib when it’s time, so this may not be critical to have as part of your bassinet. Which brings us to our next consideration.

What’s your budget?

There are many bassinets out there that come at many different price points. From less than $100 to well over $1000 and everything in between. In most cases the most expensive option isn’t always the best option for YOU. Assess what is important to you and your baby and choose everything that checks all of your boxes. It’s an important purchase since sleep will be critical (and highly coveted) in those first few months so we recommend going with a product with great reviews, from a highly trusted brand.

Style + Function

Today’s parents are generally more style-conscious. They have spent time designing their beautiful home and want baby gear to blend in. And since the life-cycle of a bassinet is short-lived (5 months), we love the idea of a neutral style that can be used with future siblings as well. There are lots of gender specific styles out there which may be right for you. We just like the ability to use a gender-neutral, timeless style in order to get the most use out of it. Grey with clean lines seems to be the most popular style right now.

Will you use your bassinet in your bedroom only or will you take it with you around your home? Will you use it on-the-go? In your camper? Since Covid presented itself in 2020, we have seen an uprise in traveling outside with families and in many cases, campers. If that’s the case, you’ll want to use a bassinet that is portable. Maybe it’s the same one you have at home, or maybe it’s an additional one. Features to consider on this would be a canopy and netting. Or maybe you’ll be using it at a caregiver’s home. In that case you’ll want to make sure the bassinet can fold up quickly and easily so your can take it where you’ll need to use it.

mom sitting outside on patio couch with baby inside bassinet


Take the time to do your research when it comes to choosing the best bassinet for you. It’s an important part of those first five months together and you’re going to need as much sleep as you can get!

Good luck Mama + Daddy! ❤

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