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At Baby Delight we believe that parenting is a blessing.

We believe that breastfeeding and bottle-feeding your baby are both great options. Neither is the universal right option. What works for some moms won’t work for every mom. Our bodies are all different and that’s ok. It’s important to do what is right for you and your baby.

We believe that your baby should sleep in a safe environment. Whether you choose to have your baby close by in a bassinet, or to have her sleep in her own crib right from the beginning, the choice is yours. You know what works best for your family. And we also understand during those first five or so months your sleeping arrangements are apt to change. Because babies are generally unpredictable. 

We believe in adaptation. Many hours of research and planning go into having a baby. Between books, blogs, advice from friends and family, and reviews you most certainly have a plan. But your plan will most likely change. Babies are all different and you won’t know what is going to work until you are holding him in your arms. So when you plan to sleep train and it doesn’t work – it’s ok. Your life as a parent will be full of adapting. 

We believe in the importance of bonding. It may be through nursing, through baby-wearing, through co-sleeping or through an infinite amount of other options. Any opportunity you have with your tiny babe is a perfect time to bond. A nighttime bath. A sweet lullaby. A brisk walk. The options are endless. 

We believe in the little moments. These are the ones that you’ll look back on and remember the most. Your made-up songs that you sang to her each night. The sink baths. The wiggly diaper changes. Learning how to become an expert swaddler. The small, everyday moments are the ones that make you an amazing mama. They are the ones your little will remember. 

We believe that it’s ok to need your space. Parenting is overwhelming. You’re needed every moment of every day. It’s a lot to experience. But it’s ok to step away. It’s ok to put your baby down and take time to read a book. It’s ok to sit alone at the local coffee shop. And it’s ok to take a step outside to breathe. Breathe mama. 

We believe that it’s ok to have a messy house. The laundry can wait. The dishes aren’t going anywhere. And the toys are ok where they are. You’re human. Your baby is your priority and it’s impossible to fit everything into every day. It’s also important to prioritize you. Take a hot shower. Do your nails. Again, the house can wait. You and your baby are way more important. 

It’s ok to ask for help. While you are most definitely Super Woman, you are not indestructible. Your friends and family want to support you. They understand you could use some help and are more than willing to do what you need. They surely have been anxious to cuddle that babe!

We believe that you should never compare. Your parenting style and actions should never be compared to other moms. Instagram isn’t real life. It’s almost always staged, cropped, or filtered. Your hair can be messy. So can your house. Your baby doesn’t need designer shoes. And your baby is going to cry. Parenting is not perfect. Parenting is beautiful though – in each of our different ways. 

We believe that you, as a parent, are strong. You are instinctive. You are hard-working. You don’t always need to be holding it together. In fact, that is impossible. You’ll have hard moments and you’ll have easy moments. But most importantly you should have moments that you enjoy. Lots of them. Because you are their whole entire world and you’re pretty incredible. 

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