One Year Later - Parenting, Small Business, and Covid

A Time of Uncertainty

March 13, 2020. That was the day I picked my kids up at school for a two-week break so that the school could be deep cleaned and we’d wait for Covid to subside. One year later and they are still not fully back to school. Nobody really knew what we were in for. Nobody knew that we’d be in quarantine for months. Nobody knew there would be a shortage of toilet paper. At least we can laugh at that a bit now.

As a parent, the whole situation was absolutely terrifying. We try our very best as moms, dads, and caregivers to protect our babies from the day to day worldly happenings. But we’ve had no experience with protecting them from a global pandemic. Seriously Covid? As if parenting wasn’t hard enough.

A Small Business Perspective

From a business perspective, it wasn’t any easier. Baby Delight is a small business. There’s a handful of us and we all wear many hats. On March 13th (did I mention it was a Friday? Friday the 13th. Clever Covid. Very clever.) we left the office and headed home. Most of us didn’t have home offices. No supplies or set-up to effectively work from home. No showroom of product to reference when our customers had questions. But you know what we did have? Distractions. Tiny mouths needing to eat constantly and their tiny hands getting into everything. A house full of family, pets & tasks. A need for some of us to become teachers (or at least attempt). You get it since most of you were thrown into this new life as well!

We had our first Zoom call the following week and we talked about all of the sudden changes each of us was going through. We sympathized, empathized and related. I’m pretty sure we even got some laughs in. And then we talked shop.

As a small business, it was absolutely terrifying not knowing what was going to happen in the coming days, weeks, and months. But we had to step back, take a breath and remember why we are in the business that we’re in. We’re here to make life as a new parent easier. To provide safe and beautiful products for new parents to use with their babies. And you know what? Covid or no Covid, babies are still coming.

We made a promise to ourselves that we were all in. There was no giving up. No throwing in the towel. And no decreased effort. Despite all of the personal distractions and obligations that we now had, business was moving forward with every ounce of effort each of us had. And since I have truly never worked with a more dedicated and hard-working team, I knew we’d prevail.

Thank You

We made an extra effort to communicate even more to our community of followers. Additional email communication, blogs, and social posting was key. I even recruited my own kids to do product tutorials. I assure you they didn’t hate it. The 8-year old still asks if she is famous on Instagram. Um no.

So this post isn’t to pat ourselves on the back or to tell you how hard we worked. This post is a thank you. Thank you for your continued support of our small business. For following us on our social channels. For engaging with our brand. For sticking with us on our journey. And for becoming part of our little family. We’re so thankful to be part of yours.

You are just as important to us as we are to you. Through this crazy pandemic, one year later and forever after.

Thank you from the very bottom of our small-business hearts.


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