Life Changes.

Although this title references a really great Thomas Rhett song, it also references the realm of becoming a parent. Life changes. And boy does it change.
Remember being a kid and being totally indestructible? Like nothing in the world could hurt you or scare you? Ok that was probably a long time ago – but let’s go back to college. Admit it – you were fearless. Nothing scared you. Nothing. You pulled all-nighters. You partied. You traveled back and forth to school and home. But it was part of life and most of the time it was enjoyable! You were, in fact, fearless.
Fast forward to parenthood.
I was recently talking to my sister-in-law about how I thought I was crazy in regards to the kids. I always picture them getting hurt. To a point that I think I actually may be nuts. When they are playing outside, I worry they will fall and hit their face. As they walk (run) down the stairs, I picture them tripping and falling down the whole flight. As they eat – will they choke? The rash on their leg – what could it be?? Should I be giving them baths every night? It will probably dry their skin. Then they will get eczema. Ahh!
The struggle is real.
But during this conversation with her, I suddenly felt a sense of comfort. She too had the same feeling. She imagines the worst things happening. She overreacts to small rashes and cuts the baby’s food into teeny tiny pieces to avoid any possible chance of choking. She even wakes up throughout the night to make sure the baby is breathing.
It was then that I realized, this must be part of parenting. The worry. The fear. The anxiety. And don’t get me wrong, I realize that there are all types of parents and we are probably on the far side of one end, but I have to believe every parent feels some part of this. That is why we do certain things right? The sunscreen. The bug spray. The organic soap. The essential oils. It’s to protect them and to shield them from any potential harm that could possibly come their way.
It’s love.
It’s intense and can be all encompassing, but it’s what we do. We love and we protect and then we love some more. And though my kids are young, I don’t ever imagine this feeling going away. I think of them taking the bus on their own. And some day driving. Deep breaths. It’s all part of parenting and part of life. Watching them grow up and become little people is worth it all. I know we are doing a great job raising them, and every second I spend worrying is probably fruitless. But I’m still going to do it. It’s who I am as a mom and there is nothing wrong with that.
So if you too have moved past your college days and have become the worried parent that I have, please know you’re not alone! It’s your way of loving. And your little ones feel that love.

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