Gift of Giving Experiences

When we think of holiday gift-giving, most of us think of tangible items. Toys, electronics, clothes, gift cards, these are all things that many of us unwrap or give as a gift.

While going to the store and browsing through all the possible gift options can be so much fun around the holidays, what if we chose to buy gifts that aren’t tangible?

By this, I mean instead of giving “things” as gifts, what if we gave experiences instead?

People will usually not buy experiences for themselves, and let’s face it, so many of the material things we get around the holidays just end up in a closet or in a basement!

If material gifts are a thing of the past for you and giving the gift of experiences interests you, then keep reading!

The Benefits of Giving Experiences

When we get a gift that is just a material object, it is usually something that we can only use for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but when I get a package of fuzzy socks, a candle, or a sweater, I’m the only one that’s going to be using those things.

Plus, it’s so common for us to lose the material things we have with all the clutter in our home. We have such a habit of collecting, and collecting, and collecting items until we have so much stuff, we don’t even know what to do with it all!

While getting some things that you have been needing/wanting for the holidays is awesome, what usually happens when we get tons and tons of stuff that we don’t necessarily need?

All too often we get an outrageous number of things for Christmas and for the first couple of weeks we are really excited about it, but as time goes by, we lose interest in those things. This is because material things can only keep you entertained and happy for so long.

When we choose to give experiences, we are expanding the number of people we can enjoy that gift with, as well as the benefits of that gift. For example, if you buy someone a ticket for a concert, buy one for you too so that you can enjoy it together! Or, think about maybe booking a condo for a family vacation.

Even if extravagant tickets and vacations aren’t in your budget, you can give experiences for free. If you and your spouse are tight on money, why not give each other some chore coupons? As life gets busy it can be so nice to have someone else take care of dinner or the dishes for a night!

I know as I’ve reached adulthood, I have been asking for things I need for Christmas more and more as the years go on. People often have things they need like haircuts, root touch-up, groceries, or oil changes that they just can’t afford to buy.

Experiences are also easy for children to give, as they have the opportunity to be creative. A lot of parents buy a gift from their child and give it to other relatives, but why not take a more personal approach? Kids would love to think of an experience to give their relatives!

30 Ideas for Giving an Experience this Christmas

So, we know what the benefits are of giving experiences as gifts now, but what are some ideas?

  1. Concert tickets
  2. Free back massage
  3. Vacation
  4. Meal service subscription
  5. Music lessons
  6. Online class (interior design, art, etc.)
  7. Date night coupon
  8. Chore coupons
  9. Movie tickets
  10. A day at an amusement park
  11. Wine tasting
  12. Language learning courses
  13. Tickets to a Broadway show
  14. Helicopter ride
  15. Gift card for a haircut
  16. Gift card for groceries
  17. An hour massage at your local spa
  18. Tickets to see a talk show live
  19. Boat ride
  20. Skydiving
  21. Tour of a city
  22. Zoo or safari passes
  23. Day of horseback riding
  24. Yoga class
  25. Escape room tickets
  26. Race entry (perfect for runners/bikers)
  27. Babysitting service
  28. Daycation
  29. Road trip
  30. Membership to a museum or art gallery

The Gift of Giving Experiences

This holiday season you won’t regret giving experiences instead of gifts. Rather than purchasing yet another piece of jewelry, engraved picture, or blanket, consider giving someone an experience they will always remember.

Remember, these gifts don’t have to cost you a lot, or even anything at all!

When it comes to gift-giving, it truly is the thought that counts. Whether you give someone a coupon for a free hug, or a luxurious vacation to the Bahamas, they will be glad that you thought of them!

Feel free to choose one of our ideas, or, get creative and try to come up with some of your own! If you do come up with your own, we would love to hear about them!

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