Fun Things that Kids Can Do in the Winter

As the weather starts to get colder, finding ways to keep your kiddos entertained can become difficult.

Winter is the time when a lot of kids spend more time on electronics like iPads, video games, or binging television. While a little bit of this is okay, it’s not great when a kid is glued to an electronic and entertaining themselves all the time.

So, how can you combat the winter blues and give your kids fun things to do?

While it takes a little more creativity, there are plenty of ways to plan fun activities inside or in the snow. Keep reading to see our ideas!

1. Make a Fort and Have a Movie Night

As a kid, building a fort is one of the most magical things that you can do.

The excitement of crafting it, camping out in it, and inviting family and friends to come in… ah, to be a kid again! Well, why not take the fort-building up a notch with a fort movie night?

Make all your favorite snacks, like popcorn or hot chocolate, set up a laptop or an iPad in the fort, and watch your favorite movies. A fort movie night is such a fun way for your kiddos to have fun with you in the winter.

2. Have a Craft Day

When it’s too cold for you to get outside, a craft day is the perfect way to pass the time!

Not only are crafts a blast for kids but the options are endless for what you can do. You can set down a tarp or garbage bag and get a little messy with paint. Or, you can make a paper machete project if you want to get a little fancier.

If you want to keep things a little simpler and cleaner, you can always just go with a classic coloring book or doodling session.

Regardless of what you choose, inside time is a blast with an afternoon of crafting.

3. Have a Snowball Fight

While winter is a really cold time for outdoor activities, there are just some days where you need to get out in the snow.

You know what we mean, those days where the snow is fresh, sparkly, and just hard enough for packing? On these days, a classic snowball fight would be perfect.

Build your forts, make your snowballs, and get to throwing!

One important thing to remember if you’re having a snowball fight with your kids is to have some ground rules. If you aren’t careful, someone can get seriously hurt with a snowball.

For example, make sure there is not ice in your snowballs, and no aiming for faces.

When you’re all done with your snowball fight, head inside to warm up with some hot cocoa!

4. Have a Game Night

It can be so easy to get cabin fever and start arguing as a family in the winter.

So, to bring everyone a little closer together, have a game night! What you choose to play for your game night is entirely up to you. You can bust out the board games, or you can play an interactive video game together.

Whatever you choose to play, the important part is that you’re spending time together as a family.

5. Take a Trip to the Movies

If your kids love watching movies but they’re a little bored with watching movies at home, why not take a trip to the movies for the day?

A trip to the movies to kids is a blast! The big screen, speakers, popcorn, and candy, can you think of something more exciting for a little kid?

Consider letting your kiddos invite some friends for your movie outing. While you’re at it, invite some of your mom friends so you have help wrangling the kids and other adults to socialize with.

6. Go Sledding

One of the best parts of getting a lot of snow is being able to sled as a kid.

If you have a big hill for kids to sled on nearby, get them all suited up and take them. If there isn’t a large hill around you for sledding, get creative and find a small hill near you to take them on.

Regardless of the size of the hill, your kids will make the day enjoyable with their imagination!

There’s No Shortage of Fun Just Because It’s Cold

While you may not be able to take your kids to the pool or the park, there are still plenty of ways to have fun in the winter.

It may take a little more planning and creativity on your part, but your kiddos are going to have a blast with whatever you plan.

Now, challenge yourself to see what other fun winter activities you can think of!

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