Fun Indoor Play for Rainy Spring Days

April showers bring May flowers, but what's there to do when the sun doesn't come out at all? Don't let those day-long thunderstorms dampen your mood or your plans. Instead, get your family together and settle in for a memorable afternoon. Take a look at these fun indoor play ideas for rainy spring days.

1. Do a Science Experiment

Here's an educational project that's also a ton of fun. With a few different science experiments in mind, head to your kitchen and grab the necessary supplies. You'll more than likely have the right materials on hand. Set out a table cloth and gather around to create gooey slime and lava lamps. Don't hesitate to get a little messy – after all, you probably don't plan to leave the house.

These activities can keep everyone entertained for hours on end. As a bonus, clean up time can be a valuable lesson for younger children.

2. Set Up a Fort

If you're after a cozier atmosphere, set up a living room fort. Have your kids find the softest pillows and blankets in your house. Then, position a few dining room table chairs to create a structure. Drape the covers across the chairs so that your fort has a roof. Inside, arrange the pillows and leftover throws as you wish. Feel free to add stuffed animals and string lights.

When finished, play a few board games and watch a movie – or let your children's imaginations run wild. The fort can be a hideout for pirates and a stronghold for an army. However you decide to use the fort, it's sure to be a hit.

3. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Make this sleep day a little more fun with a scavenger hunt. Write down some slightly tricky clues and place them around the house. You'll need a prize, so put together a goodie basket with treats and toys – in a pinch, cash works as well. Once you've hidden the treasure, guide each player to the first clue and have them start. Everyone can work by themselves or as part of a team.

If there's time, you can come up with a theme. A classic treasure hunt involves pirates, but feel free to base this activity on another topic.

4. Put On a Talent Show

Whether or not your family has a creative side, a talent show can be a terrific way to spend the afternoon. Have each person come up with a skill or trick and practice it on their own for a few minutes. Feel free to wear costumes and create props to make the show that much more fun. Then, put together a stage and let everyone perform. You can also vote on the best acts and award a prize at the end.

Don't feel the need to make your talent show super serious. The goal here isn't to be the best, but to share and celebrate everyone's unique abilities.

5. Make Art

Here's a wonderful method to destress – and entertain your kids. Whether you want to draw, paint or color, there are many ways to create art at home. Gather the necessary supplies and set up an art station. Your family can make playdough or fill in outlines to make a masterpiece. For added fun, feel free to whip up your own paint. Combine water, flour, salt and food dye for a non-toxic alternative.

If your toddler decides to lick her paintbrush, you won't have to worry about it!

6. Have a Dance Party

If rain makes you feel a little down in the dumps, look no further. It's time to blast some upbeat music and dance the day away. Put on some fun tunes and teach your kids some new moves – or vice versa! You're probably sick of the "Frozen" soundtrack, so why not take this time to introduce your kids to a new artist? Play a track from your favorite album and expose them to different sounds.

You can record these moments for a wonderful family video, or play a game of musical chairs.

7. Build an Obstacle Course

Are you ready to blow off some steam? An indoor obstacle course works well for all age groups. Use furniture to build an awesome activity – cushions and floor mats can make a huge impact as well. Construct a route that involves jumps, climbs and tunnels. If you're up for a race, set a timer to see who can complete the course fastest. There's a lot of flexibility with this idea, so feel free to make the route as extensive as you want. You can even use the new Baby Delight Bungalow to add to the adventure!

You don't always have to lounge around on a rainy day. You and your family have fun and stay fit at the same time.

Make the Most Out of Rainy Spring Days

Whenever you encounter a rainy day this spring, think back to these suggestions for hours of fun indoor play.

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