A Mother’s Day Message.

Though most of us have no idea what day it is, us mamas know that Mother’s Day is coming up soon. It’s a happy day. One to look forward to. And certainly one to celebrate. However, I can’t help but think of each and every type of mom out there and what this time is like for them. While I can’t categorize every single one, these are some moms that I personally know and love.

For the expecting moms. Did you get to register in a store, or are you having to do it all online? I mean, thank goodness for the convenience (and ability) for online registering, but there’s something about walking around a Buy Buy Baby or Target to register. To pick up those itty bitty baby shoes and just imagine them on his tiny little feet. Or to feel the difference in the swaddle fabrics. Is the more expensive one worth it? Sure, you can choose online, but it’s just different. And for those of you who had to miss out on your baby shower – ugh. I can only imagine that disappointment. However – you’re surrounded by friends. By family. By people that love you. And when this chaos is over, you will be showered with SO MUCH love that you’ll forget about missing your actual shower. But still, it’s ok to be bummed.

For the moms having babies. Wow. You are a true Rockstar. Having a baby at any time is scary, but to do it now is a whole other level of scary. Heading into a hospital during a pandemic is a bit frightening. I can only imagine what is going through your mind. But the outcome of being able to hold that amazing little life that you grew inside of you for f.o.r.t.y long weeks surely got you through it. We’re so sorry that you’re not able to have friends and family come visit. To welcome that baby. To congratulate you with the gigantic hug you deserve. To bring you a giant iced latte from Starbucks. But keep staring at that miracle you created. Hug her. Cuddle her. Kiss those chubby little cheeks. Soon enough you’ll get to share her.

For the stay-at-home moms. Sure, you’re used to being home with the kids. You have your daily routine and some consistency. But trust me when I tell you that we know it’s not the same. No parks. No shopping trips. No play dates. Frankly it’s very different than what you’re used to. Not to mention that the kids are acting totally different. They’re too young to know what’s really going on, but they’re smart and they know that things are off. Extra snuggles go a long way these days. But they’ll get through it. You’ll get through it. And you will have a whole new appreciation of play dates!

For the moms juggling it all. You’re a mom. You’re a teacher (well, trying to be anyway). And you’re still an employee. You’re home every day trying to get it all done and you’re exhausted doing it. The worst part is, you feel like you’re not doing great at anything. I mean, how can you? You sit down to work on reports and the first grader needs help with her math. Or having to time your conference calls around the kid’s Zoom calls. Or when you’re on a Zoom call and they decide to demand snacks. Loudly. There is a reason that women choose to be a working mom OR a stay-at-home mom. Not both. However – you’re doing it. You’re pushing through it. And at the end of the day when you hear that sweet voice say “I love you mama” you know it’s all worth it. You’re doing your very best and nobody can ask for more than that.

And there are so many other types of amazing moms out there. So many.

Moms are amazing. Moms during a pandemic? Well, you are true superheroes. You are doing things that are seemingly impossible.

You are strong.

You are brave.

You are amazing.

You are a rock.

Did you read that? You are a rock mama. Times are tough, but so are you. People will reach out this Sunday and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. You’ll get a beautiful handmade card from your toddler (these are truly THE BEST). Your husband will hopefully make you a yummy breakfast. And you’ll hopefully have a day off from the chaos that is your life. But the most important thing to do this Mother’s Day is to be proud. Give yourself credit for being an incredible mom. Don’t critique, criticize, or second-guess yourself once. Because you really are something special.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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