10 Snowy Day Activities Outside

We’re in the mist of winter up here and February break will be here before you know it. We all know it’s easy to stay inside, where it’s cozy and warm.  But things can get pretty tense when everyone is cooped up indoors, especially given the past year that we have had. And though I’m sure we’d all love to be traveling somewhere warm over school break…that’s just not possible for many people.  The cold outdoors can still offer us plenty of fun, amid the fresh (crisp) winter air!

Here’s 10 activities the whole family can enjoy outside this winter:

  1. Sledding & Building a Snowman – the obvious activities yet always a good time. Maybe try out a new hill to go sledding down! Or play “pin” the carrot on the snowman.
  2. Build an Igloo – I’ll always remember building huge snow forts with my older brothers. We would use sticks at “jail windows” and make castle tops. You can even use the beach toys to build a snow castle.
  3. Organize a Neighborhood Snowball Fight – safely of course. But grab your neighbors you haven’t been able to get together with in a while and set up a day to meet up outside for throwing snowballs or have a bonfire in the driveway.
  4. Make Ice Ornaments – This is such a great creative activity for all ages. Collect some nature treasures; leaves, berries, or even your own orange slices. Arrange them in a Tupperware container, cover with water and let them freeze. You can place a loop of twine in before the water freezes or drill a hole through the ice to create an opening for the string to be able to hang it. Once it has frozen, pop it out of the Tupperware container and hang the beautiful creation on a tree in your yard. 
  5. Go Snowshoeing – Buy or borrow some snowshoes to go on a walk across a large field, play follow the leader, or explore your favorite hiking trails.  This is a great way to see your usual go-to spots covered in snow and provide an enjoyable exercise. 
  6. Paint the Snow – Let the beautiful blanket of white snow be the canvas. Use spray bottles or squeeze bottles. Squirt several drops of food coloring and fill the rest with cold water, leaving about 1 inch left open on the top. Head outside and make some masterpieces!
  7. Create your own Winter Olympics – Set up a variety of challenges like throw the furthest snowball, sled the farthest down a designated path, jump the furthest in the snow, or simply run in a snow track.
  8. Ice Skating – Find an open outdoor rink or the safest pond. Get out there and figure skate like no one is watching. You can use a chair or plastic crate to help the little ones skate along. 
  9. Bring out the Bubbles! – Have you ever tried blowing bubbles in the freezing cold weather? It’s a fun and educational experience for you and the kids. Try your own bubble recipe or the regular bubbles. Watch as they freeze, it’s spectacular.
  10. Make a Snow Maze – find a big open space and create your own maze, see who can solve it!

Most of us can’t escape the snow this year, so might as well make the most of it. Bundle up and embrace the adventures of winter. Hope you find fun!

>> The New England Momma

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